Book of Mormon Reading Chart-Free Printable!

My oldest daughter turned 7 several months ago and I suddenly realized that the date she can get baptized into our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)  is creeping up, closer and closer.  Several years ago I considered what I thought would be important for her to know before she made the decision to be baptized and came up with a short list:

She needed to know the Articles of Faith and she needed to have read the Book of Mormon. BOM Readingchart1

Last year we tackled the Articles of Faith and she has them memorized, this year we are tackling the reading of the Book of Mormon.  It is my plan to have her read it all the way through (with the family) before her baptism actually happens.

In looking for charts online to let her fill in to watch her progress, I didn’t find one I loved, so I made a simple one that I feel works really well.  I asked my daughter what she thinks of the reading chart, now that we’ve been using them for a while and she says they are cool but she wishes she had a bigger one, haha.

If you would like to print it out to use, you can get a copy of it down below! In this link there is a full page version which works well for posting on bulletin boards or for tracking the family’s readings and there is a half page version which fits in the average Book of Mormon. I did notice that my daughter’s cheaper blue copies are smaller than my husband’s and my nicer copies, so you might want to readjust the document to fit your book perfectly!

Book of Mormon Reading Chart

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