The Rock is Here!

On Tuesday we had the lava rock delivered that we are putting in our grow beds!  Last Saturday we drove 30 minutes to the only landscaping company in the area that delivers lava rock and we had to pay a hefty 90$ delivery fee. Yikes!  I hate unexpected costs.  But the alternative would have been borrowing a truck from a friend and paying for their time and gas and being on their time schedule.  We figured the delivery truck was just a better idea.

When it was delivered we couldn’t keep the kids off it.  They thought it was so cool to be able to climb up and down.  They were even playing “store” and kept coming by and requesting different amounts of buckets to buy.  Ha.  They are creative kids.

My husband started shoveling the rock immediately so I didn’t get a picture of the entire pile but it was about 4 tons- which is a pile about the size of a Mini Cooper but only half as tall.


For the most part, we just carried bucket after bucket to the grow beds and just dumped.  It was a workout!  But we did have to stop when we got to the top of the bed and add in our baskets.  These baskets are placed around the plumbing in order to catch rock or debris that happen to fall through the tank, or to stop said debris from falling through the tank.


We placed baskets both on the inflow and the outflow.  So there are two baskets per grow bed.  rock3a

We still have half the grow beds to shovel rock into and we have until next Tuesday to do it- because then I’m gunna buy me some plants!!! I’ve been salivating over the plants every time I walk into Lowe’s or Walmart and I’ve been pouring over planting guides online.  I think I found a nursery that I’m going to go to to get the plants though- It may be a little pricier but I’m expecting that the plants will be a little bit healthier and I’ll find a wider variety if I buy from a local nursery. Not only that but I’ll be able to buy plants that are better suited for our weather and I’m supporting local!

On a home school note: Have you any idea how amazing of teaching opportunities this has been for my kids?  We’ve talked about plumbing, the weight of rocks, gravity… they’ve observed our koi and goldfish swimming around, watched the pigeons that have tried taking baths in our water, discussed why the windmills scare the birds away…we’ve talked about what plants need to grow, observed roots from our tree when we dug a small pit for our sump tank, discovered many different bugs as we turn over cinder blocks and grow beds…

This project has been such a great learning experience and will continue to be so as we grow the plants, harvest them and then replant.  I’m just so excited for all of this!!

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