Easter Baskets that Bring Us Closer to Christ

We are so excited for this time of year.  General Conference comes blasting around the corner after three long, holiday-less months (Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day don’t really count…) at the same time we get to celebrate Easter.

In my family I use Easter as a chance to restock our church supplies and toys, a chance to give my kids new church outfits, and we get to talk specifically about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Couple all that good stuff with two full days of listening to our Prophets and Apostles speak to us, listening to choirs and hearing the news of the church growth- its just about the awesom-est season I can come up with. Easter

I want to post a little bit about General Conference in another post, but right now I wanted to give some of you some ideas for Easter Baskets.  Easter baskets are almost harder than Christmas.  What does candy and toys really have to do with the Risen Lord?  My husband and I decided a while ago that we wanted to continue the tradition of Easter Baskets, but we really wanted to keep them religious.

Here are some good ideas (with links, but I am only posting for informational purposes) of items you can put in your own Easter Baskets.  These ideas work well for younger families, although some would probably be good ideas for teenagers as well.

Last year we gave our girls each a new journal as well as their new dress.  My oldest got some Temple Cards, my second received a new scripture case, and my youngest daughter and oldest son got some scripture character action figures.  I got myself a lovely print picture to put in my kitchen.

This year I am very interested in getting my oldest some books about Baptism, because she is turning 8 this fall (my oh my, the time does fly…). I want to get my second daughter some scripture figure flash cards and my third daughter is going to be getting a book (maybe this one?)  My two boys are going to get more action figures.  They are still young enough to need more “toys” during church.

I might be getting myself a new primary song book and my husband some new church CDs.  And of course I won’t pass up the opportunity to buy chocolate.

Other items that I would love to buy but I’m trying to keep my budget within reason are:

Children’s Church Movies

Beginning Reader Book of Mormon (this is online so the paperback version is a splurge to me…)

A Temple Picture for the Kid’s Room

Activity Books for Sacrament Meeting

Scripture Stickers  

Study Manuals like this one, this one, or this one.

I hope this gives you some ideas for Easter Baskets.  As we strive within our family to be closer to Christ, I find myself more eager to find ways to change common family traditions into activities that uplift us and bring us closer to both Christ and each other.  I’m really glad we found a way to continue this family tradition!

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