General Conference Packet

*UPDATE*  I’ve updated the packet and offered a few more items.  Go to Updated General Conference Packet to download the new stuff!

Last year I made up this General Conference Packet for my kiddos.  It ended up being mostly over their head age wise, but a few of the sheets were good for them.  It is a very simple, black and white, 15 page packet.  I found it was a good tool for portions of conference but by no means occupied them for the entirety.  This year I am still going to use it, but I’m adding it to a whole arsenal of things for them to do!

General Conference PacketaThis year I also added in a few pages that I’m excited about.  A good friend of mine, Emily Smith, has been drawing some clip art lately and used them to decorate our primary news letters, among other things.  She posted them on her blog for free use if you want to check her out at  I added some captions and thought provoking questions to them and added them to my packet for my kids this year!

I will probably add a few pages every year, or change them up at least.  But if you’d like a chance to use some or all of what I’ve put together, snag the link at the bottom of the page.  And don’t forget to follow my blog because I put up free print-ables occasionally that I know you’ll love!

General Conference packet  This link has been updated with the 2016 packet.  If you are interested in the other packets that I offer, follow the link above!

If you are interested in other last minute General Conference Ideas, click on over to my other post for some quick ideas!

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