Last Minute General Conference Ideas for Young Children

I’m generally one of those people who look at the calendar and fantasize about how amazing General Conference will be in three months but then when its three days before Conference I freak out and realize that I have to figure out how to occupy my kids for two days! Ahh!

I’ve come up with a bunch of last minute activities that you can let your kids do and all you need to do is print!  You also need to have on hand scissors, crayons, and tape.ConferenceIdeas

I love the nursery manual for activities.  It has a treasure trove of activities that young kids will love.  Below I’ve linked coloring pages, little books, finger puppets and a few other activities that they have and all you have to do is print and let them enjoy! This only requires a black and white printer.

Coloring Pages

Mini Books

Finger Puppets/ Figures 

If you are interested in a General Conference Packet, here is the link to the one I created.  It has been updated and I now have note pages, a special Faith in God portion as well as two new drawings!

Other activities that could be quick and easy to put out are:

Construction paper temples- put out a stack of art supplies and have your kids create a temple.  Try having them only tear the construction paper and not use scissors, or try having them use a picture you have at home and copying the temple as closely as they can.

Have your kids create book marks that they can use in their scriptures or in the Conference issue of the Ensign when it comes out.  If you have a laminating machine or contact paper it would be fun to make their book marks more durable.

Create a small texture box for kids with more wiggles than you can handle.  Pour a small bag of beans, rice, pasta, pompoms, or beads in a large bowl and add cars, utensils, measuring cups, plastic animals, or alphabet letters and let them dig around and play for a little while. (My husband insists that I suggest having your kids play over top of a towel or sheet because there will be spillage…)

If you have more time on your hands, cut out the scripture figures from the backs of all the Children’s Friend Magazines and put small magenets on the back.  Give your kids a mini white board and let them use the figures quietly during conference.  If you don’t have the past Children’s Friend Magazines laying around, here is a link with a list of all the past figures-Children’s Friend Figures.  This does require a color printer.

It is a great idea to instill a love of Conference into your children at young ages, but it is not a good idea to expect perfection from them.  Realize that you will miss some talks and there will be times you feel like there is no point because its not working.  But it is working, and your kids are learning.  Your efforts will be acknowledged and rewarded!

If you have any other ideas of quick, last minute, virtually no-effort activities, please share by commenting!  I hope you enjoy conference as much as I do!

3 thoughts on “Last Minute General Conference Ideas for Young Children

  1. I didn’t grow up in the church and haven’t had the opportunity to be around young children during conference but I know that friends have made giant bingo boards for different words, hymns, speakers, topics and quotes. The center “free” space was ‘close quote’.


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