When Good Nights Go Bad: Sick Kids Edition

The night started out so nicely. Kids went to bed at a decent hour, my husband and I had a chance to talk for a while and then we actually got to bed right on time ourselves. SleepingBoyInBed1

The problem started at about midnight.  My oldest son started fussing and crying.  I generally get him pretty quickly because I don’t want him to wake up the baby and if he wakes up, he isn’t the kind of kid to fuss himself back to sleep.  I went in and found out he was wet through so I changed his clothes and cuddled him for a moment and put him back down.  He then laid there crying “Drink” until I got him one.  No biggy.  I fell back asleep thinking we were done for the night.

Nope.  About 2 am he started crying again.  This time I asked my husband to go take care of him.  It didn’t work.  He kept crying.  By 4am we brought him to bed with us, hoping that he’d be more comfortable but instead we kept getting kicked in the back as he was thrashing around.

For some reason, at 5:08 I finally asked him what was wrong.  This was out of desperation.  See, at 2.5 years old, his verbal skills are about a half year to a year behind.  So I haven’t really thought to ask him why he was crying before because I knew it would just frustrate him more when he couldn’t answer.  But I asked and I was shocked to hear him respond “hurt”.  Hurt? Man!  I wish I’d understood that hours ago!  I then asked him “What hurts?” and he promptly responded “Ear”.

Sigh.  This again.  I should have figured it out on my own, without the hours of agony on all our parts.  He has chronic ear infections, even after having tubes put in.  This is his second ear infection this year. Last year he had his ear drum burst 4 times with countless infections and the year before his ear drum also burst several times, with countless more infections.  We aren’t starting this year off great at all.

My husband jumped up and got pain reliever and almost immediately my son fell asleep.  Maybe the chewing relaxed his ear a bit? Maybe there was a placebo effect?  But he fell asleep and has now slept for 2 hours straight.  We have an appointment to have his ears checked out this afternoon.  Meanwhile, mom and dad get to go around groggy today while our son gets extra sleep, extra pampering and is still probably fussy from the earache.

I’m sure that if we lived 150 years ago that we would be that family with “the sickly child” whom all the old ladies would “tsk” about and wag their heads, offering sympathy among their gossip.

One thought on “When Good Nights Go Bad: Sick Kids Edition

  1. Poor kid, and poor parents! I’m glad it wasn’t a vomiting story though. 🙂 Hope everyone gets a much better sleep tonight. I just posted my own “when it goes” wrong story — must be a good day for commiserating!


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