Aquaponics Ut-ohs

We were super excited and stoked to get our Aquaponics system completely set up and running with the plants in it this week.  For some reason we had to turn the pump off for something and it never came back on.

It is now in the aqua-pump graveyard.

We had trouble with this particular pump all year.  Every time the power went out or we had to do maintenance we would practically have to take it apart to get it to start again. I’m not at all sure what its problem was.

We hopped on Amazon and ordered a new pump and it arrived yesterday afternoon.  Unfortunately, we had to buy a new fitting to get it to fit with our current system.  So, trip to Lowe’s.  I think some of the employees might know us by sight.  What other family drags 5 kids along with them to pick up one missing pvc joint? Haha.

We still have to use some glue to get the pieces to be water tight so we can’t actually start the pump again until tomorrow.  I’m very glad we don’t have fish yet. That could have been bad. Meanwhile, I’m dousing the garden with the water hose a few times a day to help the seeds continue to germinate.

And on that note- We Have Lettuce Sprouting!!

Growing Lettucea

3 thoughts on “Aquaponics Ut-ohs

  1. Glad you didn’t have the fish yet!! We live a little less than a mile from a Lowe’s. Yesterday we walked there to buy leather gloves (for sword & shield fighting, not gardening!), sit on the lawn tractors, and check out the type of fig trees they were selling!


    • My kids love going to Lowes just to look at their water fountain display. Since we are in the south, it’s up pretty much year round! And then we wander the gardens looking at all the seasonal flowers. We don’t have a tractor section, that sound fun!


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