The First Moment My Daughter Really Asked Where She Came From

Its happening.

Its happened a bit before, but this time, its really happening.

On the way to drop my oldest off at Karate, somehow my third daughter (she’s adopted), brought up that I fed the baby through my tummy (she’s three, I’m not too worried about being technical!).  She then proclaimed that she ate from mommy’s tummy too! My oldest, talkative one that she is, tried to jump in and correct her immediately.  But I stopped her.  This is something I need to do.

BabyGirlSmilingI turned to her as best as I could (I happened to be at a stop light, thankfully) and said “Guess what?  You grew in your Aunt’s tummy and she fed you! And then your Aunt told mommy that she could keep you forever and ever! And mommy fed you with a bottle, just like we feed the baby with a bottle!”

She grinned broadly. I think that connection of mom-feeds-the-baby-with-a-bottle-and-that’s-how-she-fed-me really made her happy about the whole story.  She is no different from her sisters and brothers!

I know this same conversation will come up again.  And it has sorta happened before.  But this is the first time I really saw her thinking about it and internalizing it.

All this wondering how we would tell her, how it would happen, would she deal with it well? And it turns out that its really not so big of a deal. At least not yet.  And I hope it stays that way.

3 thoughts on “The First Moment My Daughter Really Asked Where She Came From

  1. I was adopted. Adopted families are awesome 🙂
    My oldest brother used to tell all the time that I was adopted. He was doing it to be mean, and to this day, refers to me as his step-sister. His loss!
    I knew I was adopted from a very young age, as I was also adopted by my aunt & uncle. So my reply to my brother was always “well, they CHOSE me….they just got stuck with you!”


    • Welcome to my blog! I’m glad you have such a good attitude toward your brother’s mean comments! Adopted families are awesome. I’ve met a lot of families that have been made so much better by adopting! I’m glad to meet someone who has be through a family adoption though, I’ve actually received more negative comments than positive about family adoptions, sadly.


      • I have also heard nasty things about adoptions, as well. It’s a shame, really. Any time a living family can make room for a child, it should be applauded. Some people, though, will always find the negatives in life. 😉


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