Projects and Ponies

One thing I love about having my kids home for their schooling is getting to spend all day doing craft projects of their choice.  Don’t get me wrong, I abhor the messes and hate dealing with the clean up, but I love the projects!

MobileaWe have an Origami Encyclopedia on our shelf that my oldest decided to pull out to look at.  She saw this idea for a mobile and was so excited to try it out.  I talked her through it and then I was floored at her final piece.  I did nothing but cut one measly straight line.

To do this project she had to read directions, she had to trace, cut, color, punch holes, determine string lengths and she learned how to make a cone out of a flat paper.  I’d say that was a win for so many school lessons right there. And now she has a mobile to be very proud of.

I think I might just ask her to make a mobile with elephants instead of ponies, because that’s my favorite…

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