I Weeded My Garden Today-Aquaponics Style

Today I weeded my garden.  Big deal!  I hear you all saying it.  But that is the glory of Aquaponics, you never need to weed it!  This one, measly little seed must have blown by in the air and it signifies the first weed to make it into my system in the two months we’ve had WeedinAquaponicsit running.  And come to think of it, its the first weed I’ve ever picked, even out of our last set up! So, if you feel like having a garden that uses less water, produces more food, and you never have to weed it, you really should look into Aquaponics! We are getting ever closer to the unveiling of my Aquaponics Website- a source for all things Aquaponics- DIY systems, Information on starting and the details you didn’t know you needed to know, as well as other gems of wisdom! I’ve put a lot of time and effort into this website so I’m very excited to share it with you. Stick around and I’ll “unveil” it in just a few more weeks!

Update (June 1, 2015): My website is now up and running! You can visit it at www.aquaponicsresource.com!

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