Back in Balance

A few weeks ago we discovered that our fish aren’t growing fast enough to support the plants we have growing in our garden.  We sadly watched as our peas seemed to all die off and our corn stopped progressing and our tomatoes, squash, and bell pepper stopped growing their fruits.

If you don’t remember, we came up with several solutions that we could use for our garden.

1. Pull up some plants

2.  Buy more fish

3. Feed the fish more food even though they seemed to not be eating

4. Wait it out

None of the options seemed ideal. This is what we ended up doing:

From the point we realized there was a problem we started feeding the fish twice a day. Rather than feeding them a larger quantity at one time, we increased their feed by splitting the feedings.  We also purchased 20 feeder gold fish and tossed them in the sump tank.  And then we waited.  In the process, several of our pea plants died (akin to pulling them up…).  So in essence, we did a combination of all four solutions.

What actually worked?  I’m pretty sure that feeding the fish the increased amount is what actually pulled the system back into alignment.  The feeder goldfish were so tiny and they kept getting regrowing peassucked into the pump. All of them were dead within a week.  I’d assume if we’d purchased larger fish, they might have made a dent in the problem.  Some of the plants dying off definitely helped a little bit.  Unfortunately.

I was pleased to see that the peas are re-sprouting at the base of the stalks.  So, not all is lost.  And its an interesting turn of events as well! Our lettuce is also growing twice as thick now as it was before!

I’m grateful that this experience wasn’t as painful as it originally seemed it would be. And now I know what to look for if this ever were to happen again.

2 thoughts on “Back in Balance

  1. We have been AP gardening for over 3 years and we still learn something new all the time. Checking the systems daily, checking water weekly, and tracking information is a key to insuring you do not have issues sneak up on you. It won’t keep you from having issues but at least you can make small corrections as you go.


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