Heart Appointments- We Have a Date!

Two weeks ago we got a long-awaited phone call from the Children’s Hospital where my son will have his surgery.  I was getting to the point of calling them up myself and asking what the wait was for!

She informed me that the doctor would like to have an appointment with me, my husband and our son in order to answer questions and verify his medical history.  We set up this appointment and found babysitting for our girls and headed to our appointment 2 hours away.  (It was a long drive…).

I was very pleased at our timing. Our appointment was at 10:30 am and we arrived at 10:20. Unfortunately, the doctors were running 90 minutes late!! After about a 60 minute 0218151003wait I heard another family with a little guy who was complaining about being hungry.  I could tell they had not prepared for such a long wait. So I took over a package of crackers and sat down to chat.  Its always nice to hear other people’s stories.  This little boy had two previous surgeries and they were both at this hospital. Since we’ve moved since our son’s last surgery, it was nice to hear so many  positive comments about the staff, doctors, and facilities.

After talking to this family for a little while we finally got to go in.  My son was checked out with the normal Oxygen check, blood pressure cuff, temperature, etc.  A medical assistant came in and verified our medical history and asked if we had any questions.  And then the surgeon came in.  He was a great guy.

It turns out that he is actually really good friends with the surgeon who did my son’s first two surgeries!  When he read our surgical history, he sent out an email to our first surgeon so they could collaborate.  It such a small world.  But I feel like we are in good hands.

We got to schedule the surgery as soon as that appointment was over.  I was disappointed to learn that the soonest date they have available is about 3 weeks after I was expecting to have the surgery.  That complicates things- like appointments and such… But ultimately, its okay.  If it were even a week later I’d be very concerned because of things that the surgery could complicate. As it is, the surgery is set for Very Early July.

I’m so glad I have a date set.  Having the date allows me to control the things I can control and start planning for babysitting, meals, my husband’s leave, etc.  As long as I can nail down those particulars, the surgery doesn’t seem so stressful.

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