New Office!

I love decorating. I’m not necessarily good at it, but I love doing it!

When we first moved in I took a crack at decorating my kid’s playroom.  Then before baby #5 came along we decorated the boy’s room.  Its easily my favorite in the whole house.  Recently, we’ve decided we need to have an office space. Since we are homeschooling three of our kids this year (2nd, K, and Pre-K), we need more space than just the kitchen table allows.

We have 5 bedrooms in our house. The girls share one, the boys share one, my husband and I get another one, the fourth was turned into the playroom and the fifth was sort of a junk room/guest room.  But now its not!

The ceiling is half-painted. This is the only picture that shows the blue paint very well.

It all started with a gallon and a half of paint. Very light blue.  It almost seems white in the right lighting.  And it included a trip to IKEA (two hours away…combined with a doctor appointment, thank goodness).  It took two full days to get the room painted and the desks built but now we are very pleased with the results!

My husband is in the process of building the fourth desk! Each of my girls have a work space and now I will too!

My goals were to create space for the girl’s to work independently, space that I could work with them, and still have plenty of storage areas for all our supplies and other household needs.  I think I was successful.  I guess we’ll see over the next few weeks as we really move in.

I’m in love though… With my business growing and blogging, I really want to have a space that I can put all my stuff and be organized. A tv stand in the living room isn’t nearly as easy to use as a desk in a well-organized office!

Here are some pictures!

My desk as well as a ton of crates for really good organization!
This is the view from the doorway. The girls have three desks along the right wall, my desk is along the back, and we have a ton of storage space along the left wall.
This is the view of the girl’s desks from my desk. Its perfect spacing to have them work independently or work with me if they need help!

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