Pasta Pot, Pasta Pot, Boil Me Some Pasta Nice and Hot

Three of my kiddos have birthdays within a month of each other. Since the older two are only 13 months apart and both girls, I’ve combined their parties together the last few years.  This year our baby is turning 1 (*wipes tear away*) and I included him in the girl’s birthday party.

Our theme this year was Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola.  It was such a fun theme!

Pasta Themed Decorations graced the table and we had Strega Nona coloring pages for the kids to color as they were waiting for the party to start.

We started out reading the story together as a group.  The kids were enthralled! And I’d say the moms were too. I think only one other mom had heard the story!  After we read the story we passed out aprons and escorted the kids to the dining room where we had set up a kiddy pool FILLED with pasta! (14 boxes of pasta, to be precise!)

The kids were so very excited to dig, throw, eat, drape, squish, and slide on the noodles.  In fact, I had no idea that noodles could make as big of a mess as they did!  But they had so much fun, it was easy to forgive the mess!

Pool of Pasta
The room only looked this clean for about 2 minutes…

This activity was in a very confined space with parents guarding the entrances to the room so the kids couldn’t take off with the pasta.  When it was time to clean up we had one mom picking pasta off clothes and out of hair and another mom stationed in the bathroom with a bar of soap.  I ushered the kids back and forth so they could be cleaned!

We then had a ginormous lunch of pasta and garlic bread. The kids were all very politeBirthday2 and no major Birthday1catastrophes occurred.  Following the pasta lunch we passed out cupcakes that I’d decorated to look like a pile of pasta!  We sang “Happy Birthday” and let the birthday girls blow out the candles before all the kids dug in!

I knew the 14 pounds of pasta was Birthday6going to be a one-time-use thing because…who would want to eat that after 14 kids played in it? Ew!  But I had an easy answer- my chickens.  We tossed all the pasta to the very willing poultry.

Birthday8On the way out I passed out gift bags, which included the apron they’d worn for the birthday party.  All in all I would say it was a very successful party.  My kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

For the gift bags I rolled up a few Strega Nona coloring pages, added in a few balloons and then I specially made a bag of colored pasta for each kid.  I also filled a pasta pot with Twizzler strings. I Birthday7thought that if I was so excited to be giving out the gift bags, the kids would probably love getting them!

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