20 Things I did in my 20’s

I turned 30 yesterday.  I was kinda sorta dreading it, but not really. If that makes any sense.  I knew nothing was going to change, but I was mourning the loss of “being young”.  I kept feeling like I hadn’t accomplished anything big.

Then I was blessed to read a friend’s blog post from when she turned 30.  She took the opportunity to come up with 20 things she did that were great in order to celebrate her 20’s.  And I thought that would be a perfect way to handle this feeling that I’m dealing with.

So here I go: 20 things I did in my 20’s!

1. I got married to my best friend one month after I turned 20:MattBritta Wedding

2. I went to Disney Land:Disneyland

3. I lived in all four continental time zones in the first year of being married.

4. I had my first daughter in 2007:EmmalineDadMom

5. We bought our first condo in 2008:

NewCondo6. I had my second daughter in 2010:
MomEmmalineLottie7. I went paddle boating in South Korea:IMG_39568. We moved to Guam in 2011:Mom and Lottie Guam

9. I took a River Boat Cruise down the Ugam River:


10. I explored an underwater Aquarium:


11. I finally got my Bachelor’s Degree (after working on it for years!) in 2012:Britta's Diploma12. The adoption for our third daughter was finalized in 2012:

13. I held the Space Needle in my hands (and then ate an amazing dinner at the top):


14: I had my first son in 2012:


15: We bought our first van!


16: I learned I can endure hard things:

Second Surgery

17: We bought a house!NewHouse18: I became a Chicken Handler:Chickenherders19: I had my second son in 2014:MomGiddeon20:I built a business and a website in 2015:


I have accomplished much in my last 10 years.  I’d venture to say I’ve been pretty good at being in my 20’s!  Now I wonder what sort of adventures the next 10 years will bring!

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