Aquaponics- The Secret Garden

Summer is winding down, Finally!  We are planning a large Fall garden, using our Aquaponics System, hay bales, containers, and some in ground planting.  We’ve recently pulled up the last of the dying strawberries and string beans and we have
several grow beds just waiting for new, fresh plants.

Secret Garden1Our cantaloupe is growing all over the place and I got a picture last week that just makes me smile.  When I looked at it it reminds me of The Secret Garden.  Did you ever have a place that was magical when you were growing up?  I’m sure that if you were to go back right now it would just be normal- just a cupboard, just a closet, just a bush, just whatever it really was.  But to our young eyes, those spots held secrets, safety, adventure, or peaceful moments.  I looked at this picture and wondered what my children think of our garden.  Do they walk amongst the trailing vines and picture jungles of fresh leaves? When they hear the birds chirping in the trees above them, do they hear monkeys and parrots instead?

I hope I’m instilling in them a love of all things fresh, living and health.  I hope that even when they grow up and the garden doesn’t seem as magical, they will still retain that relationship with a garden that brings them the magic they remember .

I haven’t updated on my Aquaponics System in a long time because I’ve been putting updates on my new website,  We are currently building a greenhouse over top of our system.  When you go to my site, feel free to look around, but if you want to read about the greenhouse, just scroll down on the main page!

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