Updated General Conference Packet

General Conference PacketaGeneral Conference is around the corner again!  I’m always shocked at how fast it creeps up on me!

It has been fully updated for the 2016 year (the picture is still the old one.  I’m sure I’ll get around to updating that after conference;).  The thing I’m most excited for is the Faith In God packet.  Both the boys and girls have two requirements that they can complete after watching conference.  I made up a short packet for them to work through on their own.

I also created note pages.  For children who are not quite at reading/writing level, there is a nice space to draw a picture about what they are learning, or doodle to keep their hands busy.  For older kids who want to take notes, they can instead fill the space with their thoughts and notes on what they hear!

Also, I’m really excited that my friend Emily created two more pictures for this packet!  She is such an awesome artist and a great friend to squeeze this in with everything else that is going on in her life!

If you choose to download the packets, please consider following my blog. After Conference is over I’ll be posting FHE lessons that correlate to what was said.

Here is a link to the *New* Note Pages and pictures Emily drew-General Conference Notes and Pictures

Here is a link to the *New* Faith in God packet-  Faith in God General Conference Packet

Here is a link to the updated General Conference Packet- General Conference packet

Also, if you have younger kids and need some quick ideas for activities to keep them busy for conference, check out my post here!

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