Hay Bale Planting

Haybalesdirt3 I spent quite a bit of time last week sorting through all my seeds and deciding what, how much, and where to plant everything. It was incredibly exciting to wake up on Saturday morning and think “this is the day!”

I went out to the garden and we spread out all the soil/compost that we had.  I’ve read that you can plant directly into the hay bales but I’ve also read that its a good idea to spread some dirt on top to plant in.  So we did.

Then I started planting my seeds.  I have a terrible tendency to think “If I spread out a lot of seeds, I’m bound to get a lot more produce, right?” Lol.  I have to restrain myself.  Still, I find myself dropping 3,4,5,6 seeds into a hole rather than just one.  I also have that thought “What if one just doesn’t grow!?!  I need to have insurance…”

Man, I need to have more faith in planting my seeds!

Haybalesdirt2We have a total of 20 beds.  I have three beds of broccoli, three of cabbage, three of different kinds of lettuce.  Then I have a bed of celery and beets, two of leeks, one of kale, one of swiss chard, one brussel sprouts, and then a few beds that hold other miscellaneous plants.
We are also hard at work on our greenhouse that will fit over our Aquaponics system.  As of right now I have seeds sprouting for some new tomato plants.  I’m hoping that they will grow better through the fall than they did during the summer (its just WAY too hot here!)  I’m also going to plant more lettuce and spinach, cucumber, and bell peppers in the Aquaponics System.

I look around the garden and I think this is going to be a TON of food.  But then reality kicks in and I understand that I’d actually need a garden 3-4 times this size to feed my family completely on my own.

I’ve been daydreaming about an indoor herb garden, or perhaps taking a large spot in the front yard and turning it into an herb garden.  I’ve also been trying to figure out how to get more growing space in my yard without cutting down my trees.  (The front yard is looking like prime real-estate now that we cut down the dying tree in the front yard).

Within the next few weeks I expect my hay bales to start looking fuzzy with plants and I’ll post pictures again when that happens!

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